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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Experience Control, Experience Simplicity, Experience ‘SmartServe’

Experience the Control with SmartServe, Simply the Best Dining App! 

What is the mission?

GSG is set to disrupt the restaurant industry with its powerful unique technology that has the edge over any other dining and food ordering application in the market! As a new and up-coming key player in the market, GSG has made it it’s company mission to finally give diners full control of their own dining experience before, during and after their dining experience through SmartServe! At the same time, GSG also hold the key to establishments finally reaching their true revenue potential by avoiding costly applications with high maintenance companies who keep increasing their prices and percentages which takes away their ability to keep their most of their profits!  

What can you do with SmartServe?

Diners can:

Before: Order food for home delivery or collection or make a reservation

During: Scan our Unique QR Codes on the table and transform their smart devices into their own personal waiters, check the menu with visuals, price & description, send food order straight to the kitchen with special instructions, call for the waiter via our SmartCall button (or even send a 5-word personalised message to our waiter SmartWatch) and seamlessly pay/split the bill. Even donate to a charity of your choice with a simple click as well as leaving instant reviews after payment.

After: Keep track of order history, access to GSG’s weekly rewards and earn money through our loyalty schemes and much more.

What does the GSG SmartWatch do?

GSG SmartWatch for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry.

For the first time in the world within the restaurant and hospitality industry, GSG has designed, engineered and manufactured the GSG SmartWatch which synchronises to the SmartServe app ready to:

receive service requests by diners

acknowledge service requests

notification from the chef when food is ready to go out 

receive and view mini receipts when diners pay for their food


and also

waiters and staff members can now instantly communicate with each other through the SmartWatch and ear piece via our unique integrated radio wave frequency technology with no Wi-Fi, no internet. Ending communication problems for good! 

SmartServe Management?

The best part for the establishments is that the SmartServe app and GSG SmartWatch monitors live for example, the time it takes for a waiter to respond to a customer’s service request, so managers and restaurant owners can monitor statistical information for training and promotion purposes. Owners can view live their customer behaviours through SmartServe, capture instant feedback to increase their review rankings and download PDF reports of every single action or transaction that occurs through SmartServe.

Where is GSG Based?

GSG is proud to be operating from our London Head Quarters in the heart of Shoreditch as well as our US, Austin, Texas base in the heart of the technology centre, the fastest technology growing city in the whole of USA. SmartServe is available in over 60 different languages and will be available in more than 130 in the next 12 months because we truly believe in giving diners full control with no barriers even with language. 

Come and meet us at our booth and experience how SmartServe, a reliable brand could help add value to your business and increase productivity amongst your staff and your customers!

SmartServe by Global Source Group

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For UK/Europe queries please contact Mr Fayez Nadem at

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