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Keynote Speakers

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  • Graham Corfield: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Graham Corfield
    MD of JUST EAT

    The takeaway sector at the heart of British life...

  • Alasdair Murdoch: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Alasdair Murdoch
    CEO of GBK

    Keep Ahead In A Very Competitive Market Place

  • Andrew D Emmerson: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Andrew D Emmerson
    Hotcha Franchising Ltd

    How to build a National Takeaway Chain

  • Gerry Hooper: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Gerry Hooper

    Get To Know Your Customers Better (Mobile Technology)

  • John Aizlewood: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    John Aizlewood
    CDO - Pizza Hut

    Insight from a Global Brand - The Importance of Customer Retention

  • Mark Fabes: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Mark Fabes

    Starbucks – Brewing Up Innovation

  • Simon Jarman  : Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Simon Jarman
    Quintex Systems

    Energy Management in Commercial Kitchens

  • Shweta Jhajharia: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Shweta Jhajharia

    Grow Your Takeaway Business Sales by 46.4%

  • Peter Ahnegård: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Peter Ahnegård
    CashGuard AB

    Stop Cash Handling - Start Cash Management

  • Jason Richelson: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Jason Richelson

    How I Grew A 7 Million Dollar Food Business

Media and Features

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The FoodTalk Radio Show: Live at the Takeaway Innovation Expo
Brand new to the Takeaway innovation Expo, a dedicated zone for everything liquard form!
Get your orders from kitchento customer faster than ever before
Experts in fast food share their recipes, tips and exclusive ingredients to success

News And Blogs

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