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19 & 20 NOV 2019


A recipe for success: Using customer feedback to improve TripAdvisor rankings

TripAdvisor provides your customers with a platform to shout about their experiences in your hotel or restaurant. What they say has the potential to make or break your business. Harnessing this valuable customer insight before it’s aired online is the key to driving your business forward.

Customer expectations are higher than ever before. It pays to know what they are so you can exceed them! That’s why you need a strategy to collect customer feedback and use it to;

Be better

Personal pride is often tied up with our business ventures making it hard to have an objective view of what works and what doesn’t. The customer perspective is invaluable for spotting opportunities for improvement. With a big enough sample, you can spot trends, highlighting issues that eat into your bottom line and see you slip down those TripAdvisor rankings!

Stop complaints

Mistakes will be made. It’s a fact of life. Capturing a complaint in-house before it’s aired publicly online gives the customer a forum to be heard while leaving your TripAdvisor score intact. The Restaurant and Hotel Customer Experience Survey found that 72% of people said they’d wait 24 hours before posting a negative review online. This is a handy window of opportunity to resolve any outstanding grievances.

Build your online reputation

70% of customers will leave a review when asked, so why not ask them? Your happiest customers hold the key to boosting your TripAdvisor profile. Businesses who appear on TripAdvisor’s first-page experience more engagement and receive more views than those on the second. Regularly promoting your customers to leave positive reviews ensures you’re consistently climbing to the top. The higher you are the more engagement you receive!

Our customers pay our wages and that means we’re accountable to them. Customer feelings are a precursor to customer actions. Listening to them is the first step to understanding what they want and how you can deliver it for the betterment of your business. Endeavouring to be the best, boosting customer numbers and soliciting feedback for TripAdvisor is a real recipe for success!

The One Question is an online tool to help busy hoteliers and restaurateurs take back control of their online reputation. A simple and engaging one question survey allows you to measure emotion and start a dialogue with your customers. Visit us at stands 2570 or 4470 at the show, or get in touch to book a free demo today.