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19 & 20 NOV 2019




Olvin is the artificial intelligence platform that the industry deserves. Our mission is to help the drinks trade harness the power of big data by bringing the on-trade online. That`s why we specialise in providing a unique blend of insights and analysis.

Olvin uses artificial intelligence to understand the patterns in the diverse array of data that we analyse. We use location-based analysis to bridge the divide between online and offline. We then enrich this analysis further with demographic, transactional and environmental data because the more data we input, the greater the intelligence. We then distil this data so that your business can benefit.

With Olvin, you can get free access to unparalleled insights into the on-trade. Through our venue analysis, you can track the performance of any of the 1.5 million venues in our database. Whether your business manages or supplies venues, you can compare any of the outlets in your portfolio to see who`s on top. Our area footfall tracker also helps you identify the prospects that will maximise your profits.

As well as our venue analysis, we provide incredibly detailed insights into consumers. We believe that actions speak louder than words - that's why we analyse the movement of tens of millions of mobile devices to get an understanding of real-world behaviour. By looking for patterns in this behaviour we can attribute product, amenity and venue preferences to a particular audience segment.

And that`s where it gets interesting. With Olvin`s in-depth understanding of consumers, you can purchase a hyper-specific custom audience to target through your online marketing campaigns. Our advanced segmentation tool lets you supercharge your digital marketing by targeting consumers that will be far more receptive to your campaigns. The level of granularity that our platform provides means that you can select a truly engaged audience.

If you`re looking for a solution that will vastly enhance your marketing and strategy, come find us at stand 2921.

Tel: 02075806414

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