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8 & 9 SEP 2020


The Future of Restaurants and Technology

By 2025, artificial intelligence and virtual reality may become a regular siting within the hospitality industry, as new technologies are helping restaurants create more personalised experiences for their guests. These new technologies can be easily installed into restaurants in the UK and customers can easily adapt to them too! 

The acceptance of facial recognition continues to increase within restaurants, as a vast amount of consumers have said they actually like using facial recognition, as they now don’t have to supply a name or loyalty card when turning up for reservations. Nearly 50% of customers partaking in the survey - based on research presented at the Global Gaming Expo -  also said that facial recognition, as well as 3-D imaging would actually improve their overall restaurant experience. 

46% of restaurant owners questioned openly said that they expect facial recognition and 3-D will be used in most restaurants by the end of 2025. These new technologies will supposedly be used for many different purposes, such as; food quality, portion control, recognising guests, security, staff recognition and measuring guest sentiment. 

Restaurant owners do feel that there are other benefits to using new technology within their establishments. Over 53% believe technology will increase restaurant flow; 53% think it will benefit design optimisation, 51% see it aiding staff training; and 50% feel it will provide better entertainment for guests. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) also appears to be favoured by restaurant consumers. As around 36% of consumers polled said they would like to see AI as an option within restaurants and 34% also said that AI would improve their overall dining experience. 

32% suggested that having the option to be automatically charged instead of waiting to pay would significantly improve their dining experience. A far amount of customers also expressed their desire for virtual assistants, as 31% of polled consumers said their dining experience would be better if they could order through a virtual assistant. 

However, on the flip side, robots weren’t rated very highly by consumers. 37% of consumers said being greeted by a robot in a restaurant would be intrusive and many questioned said they would not want to go to a restaurant if robots were there.