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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


New Artificial Intelligence Reveals 3 Ways Restaurants Can Enhance their Customer Service

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions has announced the results from a study which has broken new ground in the industry. Using a new artificial intelligence (AI), automated-speech-recognition (ASR) technology, VIA Analytics, the study has been able to reveal the ways restaurants can enhance the guest experience. 

The findings have served to show that restaurants using dedicated order-takers and guest-specific data, experience a 6.4 percent increase in sales and an 11.4 percent increase in positive customer experiences.

In order to gain unique industry insight, VIA (Virtual Intelligent Assistant) monitored restaurant calls for three major brands, including P.F. Chang’s and SYNQ3’s restaurant-technology call center. By using advanced AI, the test was able to study the tone of voice, vocal stress, language, interactions, timeliness of repsonses, interruptions, vocal exchanges and emotions during each call. The finding from these variables were then correlated with customer experience, engagement, handle time, call abandonment, average check and order-to-call ratios.

The study has produced several notable findings regarding takeaway orders, which can serve to help restaurants to improve their customer experience, including the following:

1. Restaurants need to develop and implement ways to consistently engage with their guests

If restaurants more consistently engage with their customers they will be able to provide optimal guest experience and create a genunine customer culture.


 2. Guest-specific data serves to create a personalized guest experience improving customer satisfaction. 

According to the study, using dedicated order-takers and guest-specific data equated to a more positive customer experience by 11.4 percent.  SYNQ3’s guest-data system recalls their name, preferences, favourite order, food allergens and other specifics enabling the order-taker to demonstrate that they know exactly what the customer wants, thus providing efficient and attentive customer service.


3. Generating and using guest-specific data lead to greater profit margins in take-out orders. 

In the study, restaurants experienced significantly better order-to-call ratios, a 6.4 percent increase in sales, when using dedicated order-takers and guest data, enabling the call center to greet callers by name; offer options based on noted preferences, direct the conversation based on tone and prior ordering history. Consequently, enabling more sales to be closed with an increased average check.