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8 & 9 SEP 2020


A New Way to Pay

With the imminent arrival of Android Pay on Android Wear, NFC wearable payments on the way to Fitbit, and Mastercard's own tech, mobile payment systems are really raising the wearable payment tech game.

Juniper Research recently announced mobile and wearable payments will hit the $100 billion mark by 2018; so with this market becoming more and more lucrative, which wearable payment device are available right now?

Samsung Gear S3

If its Samsung Pay service is to make a splash, then Samsung needs a wearable device to accompany it. The S3 smartwatch brings Samsung Pay to wearers who own an Android phone, meaning that having a Samsung smartphone to use the payment system isn't a necessity – a big plus point for Samsung, especially as Android Pay is still waiting to go wearable. You can get your hands on the Samsung Gear S3 for £350.

Jawbone UP4

If you're wearing the UP4 fitness tracker in the US, not only can you track your activity through the week but you can also do your shopping without taking out your credit card. The device comes with everything its predecessor, the UP3, had, with the addition of American Express payments at participating retailers.

Apple Watch

Working in both the UK and the US, Apple's portable payment device allows you to pay for stuff as well as being a smart timepiece. Your iPhone handles the job of adding debit and credit cards, as well as identity verification, and all you have to do is pay with a flick of your (Apple Watch-wearing) wrist.

Lyle & Scott bPay Jacket

You don't have to wear something around your wrist in order to make wearable payments; Lyle & Scott and Barclays have given you the ability to pay for your stuff with the help of your jacket. Hidden in the cuff of the sleeve, and with bPay inside it, you can use your credit or debit card (it doesn't just have to be from Barclays) to complete payment in thousands of establishments across the UK, all whilst keeping warm and dry.

Topman x bPay Band

Considerably cheaper than a Lyle & Scott jacket (this will set you back around £19), the Topman x bPay Band means you can pay for goods at around 300,000 retailers in the UK; but bear in mind that this particular device doesn't do anything other than handle mobile payments, so you might have to wear a smartwatch alongside it.


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