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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


A look at Lionel Messi's New Restaurant

The Bellavista del Jardin del Norte, a restaurant in the heart of Barcelona opened by football superstar Lionel Messi, has been designed by El Equipo Creativo as a spatial experience with its interior design referencing the festive spirit of Spain's small villages.

Located in the Eixample district of the Catalan region, is 1000 sq m across two floors; but with this size in mind, El Equipo wanted to create a functional and intimate space.

The restaurant's name means 'beautiful view of the garden in the north,' and is a homage to Rosario, the area in Argentina where Messi grew up.

The eatery's layout has been designed to mimic a journey through the village-like setting. It starts with the florist area that is enveloped in floral and greenery; from there a village street is created in the form of metal stall frames and letter signs. Guests can choose to sit at a barbershop, local pub, or watch the chefs cook in the tombola.

Metal kiosks guide you to the large garden located at the end of the space. The site has a street decorated by a ceiling of flowers and lights that guides you to the plaza, a double-height space that overlooks the garden and features a metal frame in the shape of a church. Adorned with purple flags, the whole area is organised beneath a canopy of lighting structures mimicking the form of fireworks.


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