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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Measuring Guest Experience Across The Journey

A research by Harvard Business School shows that a one-star increase in a restaurant’s Yelp rating is correlated with a 5-9% increase in revenue.”   - Michael Luca, Lee J. Styslinger III Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University 

Today, leading brands in the restaurant and hospitality industry are looking for new and innovative ways to understand their customers and guests. “38% of all customer complaints are on social media and review sites. Restaurants get only 14% of all complaints”, Jay Baer. Measuring the guest experience is more important than ever.

There are more than 15M restaurants globally. So, how do you drive more customers? It's by listening to them and creating meaningful experiences with every interaction. Capitalizing on review sites, social media, and the individual responses are vital to success. 



Understanding what your customers are truly feeling about your brand is critical to rendering a great experience. And delivering delight starts with measuring guest experience along the entire journey and across touchpoints such as booking/reservations, dining experience, billing, and after-service. 

Say, you are running a restaurant, wouldn’t you want to know what your guests think of your website experience, restaurant service, menu, food, wait time and, point of sale or billing experience respectively. Customer journey mapping is a great solution. Journey mapping captures feedback at various stages and precisely informs you what went wrong when and where. This solution is so fundamental that you can identify the relevant team and stakeholders and can plan for improvements and strategies. 


Let's get started with a real case study on how a food business used our journey mapping and customer insights for delivering healthier snacks.  

Business Challenge 

A leading food brand was looking for a Customer Experience Management platform that brings all the customer data along their entire journey in one dashboard and provides visualizations in a way to gain actionable insights. This, of course, helps them make more data-driven decisions. That’s when they came to us in search of a perfect solution. 


With the help of our customer journey mapping tool, the company was able to capture experiential data in several phases. They were able to identify existing bottlenecks and stages which provided good and bad experience. Further, they gained in-depth insights for each customer type and customer size. This strategy of measuring experience data along the customer's journey gave tremendous results to them. In the CX space, we are a unicorn because of this CJM tool.
The following 4-step guide will help you to design a seamless experience and provide extraordinary customer service: 

1) Use journey mapping while capturing experiential data   

Journey mapping helps with strategic priorities to create a segregated guest experience by measuring and acting upon guest feedback at various stages. Using this tool, you can understand their interactions, preferences, and purchase history. You can, in turn, deliver personalized content, discounts, offers, and recommendations to the right customer at the right time. 

2) Measure engagement across multiple channels and touchpoints  

A customer interacts with your business across touchpoints and via channels from the time of awareness to their visit. By collecting guest feedback across different physical and digital touchpoints, and by using omnichannel surveys, you can continuously engage with your guests and track their expectations in real-time. 

3) Consider predictive analytics for learning customer behaviour   

Predictive analytics provides crystal clear answers to vital strategic questions like ‘What impacts your revenue the most – booking experience, customer service, or ambience.’ Be it your senior leadership or staff, everyone can understand key drivers and factors that influence your guest experience with this powerful tool.   

4) Use integrations for a holistic view  

Often, you can't bring together transactional, experiential, observational, and behavioral data into a single platform to create a holistic view of the guest. A ready-to-go integration allows data to flow seamlessly between the CX platform and other third-party platforms such as Loyalty, CRM, and Marketing platforms.  

A study by New Voice Media reveals that after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. So, start delivering delightful restaurant experiences for your customers by using journey mapping and by harnessing the power of predictive intelligence. You can find out more or reach out to us by clicking the links below. Hope you had a great read! 

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