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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Restaurant Management Software

If you’ve ever struggled with your point-of-sale (POS) system, you know how it can get in the way of serving guests and reaching your revenue goals. It is therefore important to know what to look for when choosing a POS software that’s just right for your F&B business.

The dependability and capability of your POS system is paramount in creating and maintaining guest confidence. A reliable and feature-rich POS system not only gives you an edge over your competitors, it keeps transactions flowing and ensures a seamless integration with your back-office technologies without a large investment. 

As we move into a transforming technological age, there is a significant impact on our business ecosystem and an imperative need to relook at the way we conduct our businesses. 

How has the evolution of technology impacted the POS software’s?

1.  Stocks that do not match, manual errors, unlisted transactions and the time wasted in correcting them are all common problems faced by restaurateurs daily. They are all easily avoided when using a POS system that accurately manages your inventory, allowing you to really see how your business is functioning and how to improve it on an ongoing basis.

2.  It is Business Reports that show at the end of the day if economic activities were crowned with success. They give information on past activities and prove in black and white, if decisions have been made correctly. At the same time forecasts are important planning instruments and form the basis for future actions. Adopting the right software solution helps you use your POS data to optimise business processes, manage your transactions in their highest volumes even in the most demanding business environments and streamline everyday activities.

3.  Loyalty programs are a part of almost every business now and have become a key to customer engagement. Loyalty programs provide two key functions: they give a customer rewards for loyalty and they provide the issuing business with a wealth of guest information. Thus, when selecting your POS system, it is important to know if it can help you build long-term customer loyalty and ensure competitive advantage. 

4.  Actionable customer feedback is critical to business process improvement and increased customer satisfaction. POS solutions now allow you to take customer feedback at your restaurants, lounges, cafes, food courts, multi-chain food outlets, take-away and delivery outlets using touchscreen devices, smartphones and web surveys with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting and in-depth analysis. Digital Feedback Solution helps you hear the voice of your customer in real time and use their inputs to resolve issues and ensure happy customers.

5.  The next generation POS systems are equipped with new age tools like Mobility, Digital and Online ordering. Time to do away with the archaic pen and paper order taking, smart digital ordering allows your staff to take orders using a compatible TAB or smartphone which directly pushes the orders to the POS. Expand your restaurant operations online and take orders over the internet, create an e-menu and take delivery and takeaway orders. The same can be extended to kiosk mode inside your premises and allow guest to order directly.

So if it’s time for you to upgrade or invest in new technology make sure you select the right POS software that helps you manage your business and optimise your processes so that your staff can focus on creating a unique and outstanding restaurant experience for your guests every single time.

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