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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Restaurant Marketing Setbacks

Dining establishments are a dime a dozen, with a different cuisine offered on every street corner in every city in the country. Consumers have so many options, and restaurants are in constant competition to bring fresh marketing ideas to the table. Creating that open line of communication between restaurant and patron has been a prominent issue in the industry. How does a restaurant share information about what they offer, changes they make, or who they are as a brand? 

With a mobile-driven world, apps are the best outlet to deliver information directly to relevant consumers. The problem is creating an interactive engagement that retains users and develops consumer loyalty is not an easy task. How does a restaurant know when a campaign is actually working? This is an issue many mobile apps face, as well. 

Summary of the problem:

1.  Lack of creativity in marketing campaigns
2.  App user retention rates are at an all-time low
3.  Inability to measure campaign efficiency

Visualmatic™ is a software that works within mobile apps to personalize the communication process. This can be any location such as a restaurant itself, or even a billboard featuring a brand, allowing marketers to geofence locations and messages app users when they enter designated areas. Once the impression has been made, Visualmatic™ measures who heads to a store location, and uses the promotion at POS. Audience segmentation is even available to create a custom campaign for the ideal consumer profile.

How Visualmatic™ solves the issues restaurants face within their app to user communication:

Use of rich media – Dynamic marketing campaigns are harder to come by in a time when everything has already been done before. This software allows a restaurant to go beyond the average push notification and deliver high impact visuals straight to mobile. The messages are far above the text and image associated with average pushes. Broadcast interactive discussion with directions to an establishment, QR codes for promotions, and links to add social media pages!

Consistency Brings Success – The average app user only uses an app 1-4 times after download. This low retention rate directly affects the results of sales. The Visualmatic™ software opens the door to consistent communication when consumers are in relevant locations to receive the messages. It has been proven that creative, relevant, and personalized messages are the key to the app retention restaurants want. (Localytics) With the measuring features, a restaurant can even determine the type of campaigns that bring your restaurant the most conversions.

Measurement Efficiency & Segment Audiences – One of the most specific advantages that this software brings to any brand is the measuring of data. There is a definitive ability to measure the amount of impressions delivered, the traffic of geofenced locations after the message is received, and even the ROI right up to the POS. Consumer profiles build off of each engagement to give you filtering abilities for finely specified targeted audiences. Narrow the attributes that best suit a campaign to increase your chances of success. Finally, measurable results!

Restaurants should consider the advantages associated with mobile engagement in order to increase the creativity in marketing campaigns, as well as retain consumer loyalty with measurable results. Progressing the efficiency of a mobile app is no easy task, and Visualmatic™ is one of the bet avenues to tackle these issues head on.

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