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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


How can you Monitor your Premises & Staff While Being Away?

 If you are opening a new takeaway or restaurant, or looking to upgrade your existing security system, it’s important to consider the latest technology available and how they can benefit your business to remove one more.  When choosing a new security solution, here are a few features to consider that would have a positive impact on your business and workflow.

Why should you have a professional security system?

Businesses lose millions of £ per year from inventory shrinkage, employee theft, shoplifting, and vandalism. Investing in a security system, including surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, access control systems, and security lighting options, can provide long-term benefits. Tel Cam Security can help reduce your chance of theft and increase your confidence in your business’ security.

Some benefits:

Ease-of-use and compatibility

A system being difficult to navigate through can be very frustrating and time consuming. With our modern SMART solutions, we use the most reliable systems which are easy to navigate and offer extended features! Our systems are available to be accessed via android, iOS, PC, Apple devices.

HD Images and Insurance Approved systems

All our systems are high-definition and are available all the way up to 4K resolution. Using these high-quality cameras, you can easily get clear images of who is in your premises. Similarly, our Burglar alarm systems are fully insurance approved and installed to a NSI Gold standard. This ensures you have full peace of mind about your equipment and the service!

Face recognition with ‘banning’ list to provide notification

With our cameras being HD, certain models can be adapted to use face recognition. With this advanced technology we can set-up alarms which flag up when a ‘banned’ person attempts to enter the premises. This is the perfect solution to keeping your workflow efficient.

Streamlined Remote Access
With our upgraded remote servers, you have super-fast access to your premises security systems without having the usual no connection error messages you can get from other systems. If your premises internet is slow, we have solutions which can overcome this, so you are always connected!

Integration with EPOS systems

Your existing EPOS systems can be connected to your CCTV system with ease. This allows you to have an overlay on certain cameras of what is being selected on the till. For example; if you are having situations where cash is going missing from your tills and you cannot work out why… this system allows you to do a playback which show exactly what was ordered and what was being actually being put into the till..

These are just some of the feature Tel Cam SMART solutions offer. Visit our stand to get live demonstrations of all the new security gadgets which we can introduce into your company for added protection.

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