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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


How Workforce Management Will Benefit Your Restaurant

To prosper in the restaurant industry you need a resilient, organised workforce management system in place to coordinate the planning and development of your staffing team. 

30% of restaurant owners and managers said that staffing is the biggest pain point for their business as creating the perfect staffing schedule is very difficult. Restaurants & bars typically keep up with the latest food and technology trends, but don’t tend to turn their focuses on staffing trends. In fact, 44% of organisations rely on 3 or more internal systems to handle their workforce management, which is totally unnecessary what with the current software available! The latest workforce management systems are a great solution to these complex staffing struggles, and a prominent feature of driving a restaurant’s success - but why? 

Easy Planning

Most restaurants and bars have a large scale workforce, so it comes with no surprise that operators need technological assistance when it comes to creating their staff schedules. Workforce management software has the ability to schedule efficient staff timetables that optimise labour utilisation, allowing operators to automatically assign work schedules that achieve optimal labour-to-cost productivity. It’s been shown that workforce management solutions typically reduce labour costs by 4-5%, as managers are able to plan ahead for the volume of business so they can achieve a suitable level of staffing. 

Easy Management

Alongside planning their teams, workforce management solutions offer restaurants & bars the solution to managing their teams too. By offering a wealth of capabilities including: tracking employee absences, tracking employee hours and managing payrolls, it makes controlling staff management a whole lot easier. Ensuring that your team is competently managed is not only one of the first steps to tackling turnover, but it helps boost staff morale too. 

It’s not just your business that will benefit from dynamic management, your employees will too! Today, many workforce management softwares give staff the ability to request time off, view their timetable, swap shifts and even set alerts for when they’re next due to work all from their phones! A skilled level of management control can strongly influence employee gratification.

Time Saving

All in all, it’s fair to say that efficient workforce management can save you time and money! By using a competent system that offers a fast and simple staff planning solution, you’ll spend less time stressing about creating employee timetables and more time on other important areas of your restaurant.

We’re thrilled to have a number of fantastic businesses who offer technological solutions to problems that the food and drink industry faces, exhibiting at our 2019 expo. If your company offers the sector an innovative management resolution, or if you’d like to network with companies that do, discover more about Restaurant & Bar Tech Live now! 

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