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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Why modern Restaurants need a Digital Media Agency

Digital Marketing Overview

Modern Digital Marketing requires an agile approach and understanding that through the combined deployment of a broad variety of digital marketing disciplines, coherent, coordinated and powerful marketing campaigns can be implemented. 

Digital Marketing teams

1.  Account
2.  Designers / animators
3.  Videographers / photographers
4.  Developers
5.  SEO executives
6.  Social media manages
7.  PPC admins
8.  Researchers
9.  Data analysts
10.  Email marketing experts

Dedicated account managers should then work closely with their brands to decide how to best use allocated monthly hours across the team. The benefit of being able to dynamically reassign your marketing resources across the full spectrum of digital marketing disciplines include:

1. Consistency of tone, styling and message which will all originate from the same team regardless of which action is being taken. 

2. Enhanced efficiency by analysing the data and adjusting on a monthly basis to do more of what works and less of what does not.

3. Hit all the bases with SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content, Influencer, Design, Dev and Email Marketing teams all under one roof.

Professionally run Digital Marketing campaigns are consistently becoming more and more crucial, as the opportunity to cost effectively reach ideal demographics in a more initiate and personalised manner is available to more brands than ever. With research, structure, organisation and a vision, very little is now impossible to achieve online.

Xanda consultants have years of experience helping brands centralise these considerations, in order to effectively identify where value can be added and where action is most required to improve the issues at hand. Xanda do not charge for any initial brand research or consultation time, whilst we work with you to generate any specifications.     

At Xanda, we have worked with International Restaurant chains for over 2 decades now, adding value in the following ways:

1. Delivering representative brand guidelines, website and App designs for our brands
2. Ensuring brand infrastructure supports scalability – both nationally and internationally
3.  Providing bespoke software to allow for efficient company processes
4. Providing comprehensive Monthly Online Marketing Strategy Creation + Management
5.  On-going research and reporting to optimise User experience + engagement with the brand

Through a combination of our 100+ years of expertise and our company divisions, we have been able to successfully provide services as above for the likes Benihana, who I have chosen to focus on below:

Reason we were engaged:

1.  The Brand were looking to increase user engagement and interaction
2.  The Brand were looking to increase the amount of international franchisee’s
3.  The Brand were looking to create and promote a narrative for their new look 
4.  The Brand were looking to massively modernise their front end appearance, with consistency across their online and physical locations being a priority

Serviced Offered:

1. Bespoke Website Design & Development
2. International Franchisee website design and development (micro sites)
3. Bespoke Software Development
4. International Online Marketing
5. Ad-hoc Design services
6. Ongoing Support

In providing these services, it is important to consider a combination of the following:

1. Current brand positioning/ history
2. Existing user traffic/ engagement
3. Brand objectives – short and long term
4. Ideal monthly budget for supplementary services/ promotion
5. Competitor Analysis
6. Appropriate use of Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Stats: In 6 months we increased Benihana’s:

1. Instagram following by 115%
2. Instagram post engagement by 975%
3. Facebook reach by 3120%
4. Facebook page views by 193%
5. Google Search impressions by 153%
6. Google Search clicks by 247%
7. 53% Increase in international footprint

Managing Director – Richard Mackay - Quote:

“The expansion plan is supported by a new, experienced development team across property, procurement, marketing and branding to help secure a further 55-year success story. With a five-year growth plan in action to open more than 40 new restaurants we are excited to share this exciting journey with our guests and partners. We are inspired by the success of our founder, Rocky Aoki who once said; “only those who do not fear failure will achieve success.”

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