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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Want to Reduce Customer Complaints?

Picture the scene....

It’s a busy night, your busiest day of the week. Kitchen’s busy, staff are busy, customers are bustling. Then, a customer tells you that they’ve struggled to order drinks. Ouch! You look around, other customers are struggling to attract a waiter’s attention too.Your customers could have enjoyed their visit more. You could have sold more drinks. Oh, no…What if some of these customers tell other people that your service falls short? They won’t understand it was a side effect of it being a busy night. They won’t understand that one of your waiters didn’t turn up for work. They won’t understand the staff acquisition and retention issues a restaurant faces.

How to get make sure you get that 5* review! 

How about letting customers order their own drinks, without leaving their table and using an app on their own phones. This is not just the future, or a sci-fi sort of thing- it’s happening right now! Larger companies build their own custom versions, with all of the costs, infrastructure and headaches this brings. Smaller companies are downloading Pocket Waiter onto an iPad and getting up and running in minutes.

What do I get if I embrace digital?

1. Eradicate one of your largest customer complaints.

2. They don’t have the stress of struggling to order any more.

3. Delight your tech savvy customers.

4. You know the customers who like using their phones.

5. Streamline the flow of drinks orders arriving at the bar.

6. Orders flow in gradually as and when customers require.

7. Limit the flow of orders to items that are readily available.

Tell them to download Pocket Waiter onto their phones and get them to work for you, for free. With Pocket Waiter, your favourite customers can become your employee of the month.The bar team can deal with the steady flow a lot more easily than a large deluge of orders all at once. No orders for items you’re temporarily (or permanently) out of. Avoid the cost of reprinting seasonal menus.

Massive Cost Savings

Would you prefer to hire an extra waiter for your busier nights? And pay them every month? Or buy an iPad and a printer? And pay just once? - How much does it cost?

With Pocket Waiter, you be up and running for the price of an iPad. Pocket Waiter has a few premium features, but the base functionality is totally free. Most premium features come at a one off cost - You pay the Apple App Store and that’s it, that feature is yours forever.

The custom implementations from the larger companies (think Wetherspoons, Wagamama) come with a massive price tag. You can expect them to pay upward of £250,000 in their first year.

And then pay again, each subsequent year. They’re already doing it, the financial benefits clearly add up.

Does this add any extra GDPR risks?
Pocket Waiter collects NO personal data. Not on the phones. Not on the iPad.

The larger, bespoke systems do have inherent risks and yes, it feels like they might have some GDPR management involved.

How easy is it to get started?

For a custom system, get out your checkbook and wait 6 months. OR download Pocket Waiter from the Apple App Store onto an iPad. Test it out with the free version. It comes with sample menus built right in. Before you test it out with real customers, don’t forget to edit that sample menu to list the drinks / desserts you carry. Support is also offered via twitter and facebook.

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