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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The Self-Serve Revolution

They said it would never happen. Who would want to pump their own gas or even scan their own groceries? Yet we do this everyday now. We book our own flights, buy insurance and even rent our homes out without travel, insurance or estate agents. 

So consumers have been willing to sacrifice what was perceived added value in the form of ‘service’ in return for convenience. Sounds ironic in some ways but this is what has happened. 

In the take-away and restaurant industry businesses like Just-Eat and Deliveroo have replaced what is usually a less than ideal experience of having to phone an order in. We all have our stories of frustrated calls due to background noise, language barriers and the ensuing endless “let me confirm that again” and yet somehow the order still comes wrong. 

Customers can now do this from their respective device, streamlining the process for all, improving accuracy and taking stress away at the same time with app based ordering. 

The mobile phone has changed many things but perhaps nothing more than purchasing habits. Consumers today expect to get their own refillable drinks and think nothing of buying an outfit for tomorrow whilst on the commute home. Yet when they wake up each morning they will be sure to stand in line and wait, like they always have, for their coffee and croissant. Seems crazy right? 

Well, big brands like Starbucks and Five Guys are changing this with pre-order. So too is Zapaygo. The key difference being that Zapaygo is brand agnostic. One app to serve them all you could say, aggregating the marketplace to provide a single app pre-order access to any participating venue. 

Zapaygo is an application that puts a venues EPOS in the palm of customer’s hands. Empowering them to order ahead, meaning they don’t have to wait in line at their favorite places, and allowing staff to operate more efficiently, delighting the consumer in the process. 

Using an intuitive free app users can pre-order and pay for goods before arriving at venues or without having to leave their seats, to be delivered or collected. Zapaygo has already built the core platform and smartphone application. The company has secured valuable strategic deals with major industry partners such as the NEC Group, Europe’s largest event and leisure company, along with other high profile and high volume venue owners in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality sectors. All of these serve large visitor numbers where queueing is problematic for both venues and customers. 

Zapaygo is also working with venue operators and brands to create a truly sustainable tokenised rewards, discounts and promotions platform, The blockchain based RewardZ MarketPlace. This is an eco-system where consumers are rewarded for loyalty, venues gain efficiencies and along with brands, receive data they do not currently collect from card and cash payments. 

The ZAP utility token, which will be used exclusively on the platform and are currently on sale. More information can be found at

Benefits to businesses include: 

● Reduce queues and serve customers quicker. Up to 40% serve -time savings. 

● Increase revenues thanks to ease of ordering & efficiency of service. 

● Allow cashless payments without any change to current infrastructure. 

● No cash, no cards so less cash to be handled on site. 

● Capture key data about customers and their spending habits. 

● Various up-selling opportunities – multiple purchase/offers etc. 

● Targeted messages at “sweet spot” times of the day / last hour activity / post purchase. 

● Reward customer loyalty with deals / discounts / promotions. 

● Visibility on potential customers / conversion via deals/vouchers. 

● Targeted brand / product placement within the App. 

Zapaygo is proud to be a lead sponsor of The Food Entrepreneur Show 2019.

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