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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Digest Digital Signage! Discover The Advantages of Digital Signage for Bar and Restaurant Owners

SO what exactly is Digital signage?

Digital signage is the use of electronic displays as a form of promotional or interactive tool that enhances customer engagement and experience. Usually LCD or LED projections of digital images, menus, videos, advertisements, employee communications or customer involvement boards.

Digital Signage for Your Restaurant or Bar


Save time writing up the specials boards, and spend more time with your customers. Digital menus are easily interchangeable for you and your team to update.  Bringing your menu to life, it will allow customers to quickly make their own purchase decisions. It will also encourage the tech savvy generation to get involved and promote their favourite place to eat out on social media. What’s more, it also provides operators with a versatile means of promoting their own social media feeds, blogs or discount codes.

Staff Engagement

Staff happiness is a must at the core of any well functioning business. Propel a sense of community through staff engagement on social media, where they can share their thoughts and suggestions to improve work-place efficiency. Digital signage can also be used to praise work productivity, share statistics and communicate targets with employees.  


Scrap dusty old posters and signs! Drive sales through digital menus and gain further control of what your customers can view by taking the upper hand when it comes to deals and in-store promotions. You can choose to entertain clients whilst they are waiting for their food or queueing up. Advertising your business through digital notice boards is also more cost-effective than traditional printed signage and will grab the attention through window and in-store displays.

Go digital with digital signage and generate a high quality customer experience, that's quicker, easier and unique to your business brand.