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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The benefits of Online Expense Management for Restaurants

Capture all Restaurant and bar expenses with MyExpenses in Real-Time, saving time, money and of course our planet.

Managing staff expenses in any business can be a tedious task. Chasing down employees on the go and processing unreadable food and drink stained receipts is all too familiar in the hospitality industry. Go completely paperless with our expense’s solution; Wagamana did just that, find out how they benefited...

Wagamama opened their first London restaurant in the early 1990’s, the company was inspired by traditional Japanese ramen bars and tasty Asian flavours. Today they own a series of award-winning restaurants in 17 countries and employ over 3,500 staff.

Staff were entering their expenses onto an Excel spreadsheet and posting them back to the office with receipts attached. It was time consuming and relied heavily on them arriving at the right desk in time for payroll to then process everything, sometimes the paperwork even got lost.

As a result of receipts being lost, filing taking up too much space, and the finance team struggling to process a huge amount of year-end reports, the company began to realise that they had outgrown the system and change needed to be made!

Following this, they undertook an extensive research phase to understand what products were available in the marketplace and to have a clear idea as to what functionality they were looking for to help their business growth.

Peter Anon, the Payroll Manager said “We trialled and tested other solutions on the market, but we found MyExpenses to be far better, easier to use and cheaper to run.” 

Following a swift and successful implementation, Wagamama were able to go live very quickly, with the bulk of their staff up and running within a week. Training was easy as Peter managed the roll out with a mixture of on-site training with a MyExpenses consultant and training manuals for each member of staff. 

He said “The software is really easy to use and understand with a much better solution for reporting. I now feel like we have total control over our expenses."

Restaurants and bars are often faced with conflict over the potential costs and complexity of running a full Expense Management system vs the benefits such a system brings to the business, such as:

Integration into the finance system: Our software effortlessly integrates with all the most popular finance, payroll and ERP systems enabling a smooth transition.

Enforce company policy: With validation on categories, claims and claimants keep expenses within defined limits.

Digital Receipts: No more lost or torn receipts, as they are captured on the move with the MyExpenses App.

Flexible Approval Workflow: Define the approval flow to fit your business, with rules as simple or as complex as you need.

We take out the complexity and make it easy for you to take control of your business expenses.

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