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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Co-Creating And Scaling A Brilliant Employee Experience With Nando’s

Made by Many partnered with casual dining chain Nando's to redesign their employee experience, providing smart digital services to improve life at work for over 17,000 employees (known internally as Nandocas) across all restaurants.

The challenge

Employee happiness is core to Nando’s DNA. The business believes passionately that happy Nandocas are more productive and deliver the best possible customer experience. And if Nandocas are finding it frustrating and inefficient to organise themselves at work, they have less time and energy to make customers happy.

Nandocas swapped shifts and booked holidays with pen and paper, their managers (known as ‘Patraos’) printed out weekly update emails and pinned them up on notice boards, and computer systems for downloading payslips and updating personal details all needed usernames and passwords, which meant many teams relied on WhatsApp and Facebook groups to communicate.

The Nando's team had previously tried various off-the-shelf workplace tools, but they’d struggled to find a solution that aligned with the company’s values and culture.

Our approach

Made by Many knew that Nando’s would gain a lot by engaging employees in the change process, from initial ideation to implementation. So, we co-created a solution that was native to Nando’s and reflected their culture and brand, rather than using a cookie cutter solution.

It was crucial to the success of the project that we engaged with people across the business as we developed features.

Made by Many started by addressing two of the heftiest problems to solve: rotas and news, and had the first prototype in the hands of Nandocas in six weeks. After 12 weeks of close collaboration, 100 staff in two restaurants were using it.

In all, around 150 restaurants (out of 400 nationally) participated in the creation of the application and contributed to the app's evolution. This not only helped Made by Many build a product with a Nando’s personality but also served to spread the word and excitement about the project across the organisation.

The results

Nandocas and Patraos all over the UK now have their own app for work. It’s packed with a plethora of useful information, including rotas, ‘how to’ videos, career opportunities within the business, campaigns to engage employees in fundraising events like Nando’s Fighting Malaria, and opportunities for sharing feedback with the business. The app has significantly contributed to equipping teams with the tools they need to do their job even better, and as a result, deliver unforgettable customer experiences

Seen by Nandocas as their own organising tool, many thousands use it, creating a better happier working environment. Engagement is exceptionally high – 87% of the UK’s over 17,000 Nandocas have used the application and 77% use it weekly.

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