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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Personal, not Personalised

‘Bespoke’ is a word we are used to seeing in marketing literature. Unfortunately, the meaning of the term is gradually becoming diluted. It used to conjure up images of extreme luxury and refinement, Saville Row and High-end Craftsmanship. Now, all too often it is used as a sales gimmick to raise the price while not giving much added value. A company selling ‘Bespoke Gates and Railings’ are usually buying components made in China, from a catalogue. Client choice is limited and consists of choosing from a limited range of bars and finials, so your gate will look very similar to every other one they make.

While there is a place for this in the market, a truly bespoke design service offers so much more. It guarantees you a very personal service, where you are at the centre of the design and your commission is created to reflect your personality, values and brand. Starting with a blank canvas, the only limits are your designer’s talent and imagination. As the service is made-to-measure, it can bring creative solutions to challenges presented by your space or location. 

Of course, a bespoke service comes with a higher price tag than off-the -shelf or pick-and-mix. It is the Gold Star of design services. The designer will work closely with you, the Client, to ensure that the finished design will fit perfectly into your lifestyle or venue. A Bespoke design should reflect you, executed with the designer’s signature style.

Bespoke, client-led design has always been at the centre of Sculpted Steel’s brand. Having worked with private clients, the Public Art sector and Schools, we are now bringing our unique style of ironwork to the Bar and Restaurant arena. Our clients often come to us with no clear idea of what they want and it’s up to us to find that ‘hook’ to hang the design from. We have become quite adept at mind-reading! Delivering this type of bespoke service also keeps our design process fresh. Currently we are working on a globe to commemorate a primary school’s sixtieth birthday, a piece of wall art to celebrate a daughter attaining her PHD, Trophies for a university’s staff awards and a World War One soldier for a village remembrance garden. Each commission has its own set of challenges and this often helps us come up with more creative solutions for another project.

Whether you want small fixtures to complete a theme, or a show-stealing piece of wall art, bespoke design can help take your venue from ‘Great’ to ‘Wow!’

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