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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Top 3 reasons food delivery services should use a communications platform to enrich engagement

Whether you’re looking for the unmatched reach and immediacy of a text message to market your most recent offers, add increased security for you and your customer with verification, or take advantage of the immersive experience of personalized media, a communication platform can give you all the tools you need to engage with your customers, build value and grow your business.

Customer preferences and developments in mobile technology are transforming the way businesses speak to their customers - enriching engagement is key. Check out our top 3 reasons for using a mobile conversation platform.

1. Increase engagement

Mobile Chat bot / AI style automated interactions are on the up, and customers are loving the unique, engaging experience they provide. Grabbing attention with personalized incentives encourages customers to get involved. There’s a few options here:

- If you’re keen to stick to the app like experience customers are familiar with, try RCS – great for sending QR codes, coupons, promos or links to social media. 

- Personalizing media goes a long way to making customers feel valued, try flyers, images, video or audio via mobile to get your message across

2. Increase security

Creating a secure environment for your customer is key, if they don’t feel they can trust you with their most personal data, you’re off to a bad start. There’s a couple of ways you can use mobile technology to ramp up security:

- Add 2FA or One Time Passcodes (OTP) for new app sign ups to confirm user ID, making it more difficult for shady characters to access accounts with stolen details

- Anonymize phone numbers to protect privacy, allowing delivery driver and customer to speak without ever sharing contact details

3. Increase efficiency

Confirming orders is always a good idea – not only does it give your customers the chance to check their order is correct, but it could also save time on wasted delivery journeys. What better way to reach your customer to check an order than via the mobile phone that’s always by their side. Why not try:

- The good old text message, it never fails to provoke a reaction

- Sending a personalized video via mobile to confirm the delivery address and the total payment due - a new and exciting way to grab attention

Regardless of whether you run a small business on the high street, have multiple outlets around the world, or are an ASP looking to integrate your platform, we can work with you to enhance your total offering and maximize engagement. Drop us a line to find out more!

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