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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Robots to rock the delivery market by 2024

The robot delivery market is expected to increase 19% annually until 2024. In terms of money, that’s a staggering $22.1 million, a massive jump from $11.9 million in 2018 to $34 million by 2024.

Weighing in at 55 pounds with the capacity to carry roughly 22 pounds of food and drink, the robots will mainly be used to deliver to customers within a short range to local restaurants. Using robots for short trips is more cost effective for both the restaurants and third-party providers. Instead of a customer having to spend a minimum amount on a delivery, robots will make it more possible to cater for those smaller orders.

Robots have already been let loose on college campuses in America, delivering food to students that have snacks included in their meal plans. This has been an ideal way of testing out the latest developments, as not only is it a short distance to travel but sidewalks are also private. Back in 2017 San Francisco banned robots from its sidewalks, creating regulatory burdens to get them off the streets.

For the robot delivery market to be a success there is still a lot to consider. They will need an immense amount of computing power to be aware of everything happening around them. They must also be able to properly navigate and acknowledge any objects or obstacles in their way.  This is key to convincing cities that they are safe around humans, so there will be countless testing and upgrading to ensure this