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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Groundbreaking innovations set to take the restaurant industry by storm

There are some fascinating tech trends set to hit the restaurant market this year. If you’re a forward-thinking leader and want to stay at the top of the innovation game, here are the key ones to watch out for. 

Pay with your face 

Customers will no longer have to deal with pennies weighing them down or worry about losing or misplacing their wallet or purse, as their features will be all that is needed to pay the bill. Intended to be used in both fast food and quick service restaurants, face recognition is the answer to minimise wait time and improve customer service. 

Self-service through and through  

Already adopted by most big players, 2019 is the year that will see self-service and ordering takeover. It will no longer be the norm to be greeted in person but instead a machine. The only efficiency needed will be from the customer, to make sure they get their order right. If their burger comes with that gherkin they didn’t want – they will only have themselves to blame. 

DIY online ordering 

No longer a want but more a necessity, online ordering is a vital tool for restaurants wanting to stockpile that revenue. Using third party platforms like Grubhub are an easy solution for finding new customers and the system is already in place. However, integrating your own solution will result in not having to pay an external company 30% commission for returning customers. 

Line waiting optimisation 

With point of sale technology hitting the market, staff will be able to get orders in and take payments from customers waiting in line. With people being so busy and therefore rather impatient, this is a great way to turn something that is negatively perceived into a positive experience.