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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Consumers are Ready for Mobile Experiences – are you?

The Opportunity

A new report titled Get Appy: Do Consumers Use Restaurant & Hotel Branded Apps revealed that a majority of global consumers (57 percent) have used or are using mobile applications to engage with hospitality operators. The study of 15,000 consumers across Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and North America revealed that of the 23 percent that have at least one restaurant or hotel branded app on their mobile device, 70 percent are using them at least once a week. Increased app engagement across global consumers creates new opportunities to personalize service, incentives and menu offerings and highlights the need for modern food and beverage technology to deliver more meaningful guest experiences.


Traditionally creating mobile experiences for restaurants, bars and entertainment venues has been a financial and logistical struggle for operators as they grow their business. In an industry with already tight margins, funding custom integrations and developing new mobile applications has prevented independent, emerging and large-scale operators from justifying the investment. However, cloud-based POS platforms can significantly reduce some of these challenges with APIs that ease integration into additional services that comprise a mobile brand experience. 

Global consumers have clearly indicated that they are ready for more personalized experiences through mobile applications, the key for operators is to identify and work with suppliers that best represent your brand and allow you to integrate with your POS to engage with your guests in a way that is right for your business. 

Reinventing the Payment Process

TGI Fridays has recently innovated the mobile experience with Bar Tab, an integration between Oracle Hospitality Simphony POS and Mastercard’s Qkr! Payment app, allowing diners to set up, manage and pay their bar tabs using their smartphones. The result is an empowered diner that can more easily control their experience and streamlined operations for wait staff. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the unique Fridays experience for our guests,” said Jeremy Dunderdale, Head of Business Solutions, TGI Fridays UK. “With Bar Tab, we’re able to offer our diners the freedom to settle their bills on-demand, with this quicker and more convenient payment platform. Enabling self-service payments also allows our team members to focus on engaging guests in more meaningful ways – which is what we’re all about at Fridays.”

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