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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How Restaurants Can Employ Data For Profitability And Growth

Data & Analytics is empowering restaurant operators around the world by bringing critical insights necessary for business growth.

Data is everywhere around us. Tracking this data is essential, as it helps in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a business, provides insights into market trends, and enables restaurant operators to make smart data-driven decisions essential for clocking the desired numbers. 

Right from the time taken to accept an order, to the total sales generated in a day, everything can be quantified and turned into insightful reports. 

The POS is the control center of all restaurant operations and generates tons of data everyday. This data, when processed and analyzed generates critical insights that are essential for business growth.



Case Study : BYG Brewski

BYG Brewski is the undertaking of BYG Ventures, an organisation dedicated to crafting unique F&B experiences, and has two outlets in Bengaluru, India. BYG Brewski, Hennur is spread over a sprawling 65,000 Sq Ft with seating capacity for over 2000 guests and is also Asia’s largest brewpub. 

POSist serves as a technology partner for BYG Brewski for managing the restaurant operations seamlessly and provides them with the critical insights that are needed to run a business profitably.



Before POSist, BYG Brewski was using a server-based POS system that was not able to capture critical data and generate reports that highlighted key points. They were not able to measure the costs correctly, understand the consumption patterns of their customers, and market trends.



- To identify the areas of concern and loopholes that were resulting in losses. 

- To accentuate the strengths of the business for designing marketing campaigns to increase sales.

- To improve operations for increased customer satisfaction.

- To measure staff performance for increased productivity.



BYG Brewski relies on the reports generated from POSist for making decisions to improve sales and reduce costs while delivering a great customer experience to its patrons.

- BYG Brewski analysed their Menu Performance reports and realised that 80% of the sales were generated from 45% of the items. They reduced the number of menu items and removed the section of the kitchen that was not contributing to the sales.

- All promotions and offers at BYG Brewski are now created based on the marketing suite data from POSist.

- BYG Brewski analysed the time taken to prepare each menu item through the Kitchen Display System (KDS) reports and optimised the order-preparation time for items taking longer to be served.

- They developed an internal Performance Management System basis the data generated from POSist. They have set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and goals for each staff and measure their performance monthly.



- The number of menu items reduced from 175 to 113.

10% increase in revenues through strategic marketing campaigns.

- Reduction in order-preparation time of pizza from 25 minutes to 10 minutes.

Improvement in rating on Zomato from 4.5 to 4.9 through improved efficiency and service.

- Increased staff productivity and job satisfaction through the internal Performance Management System.



 “POSist provides me with the data that is critical to running a restaurant profitably. Cockpit App makes accessing data in real-time possible. As a business owner, I really know what is happening at my restaurant in terms of sales, bills, etc. It is a brilliant tool.” 

- Pravesh Pandey, Chief Instigator and Belief Officer, BYG Brewski


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