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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Why you should be thinking about Black Friday

We know what you’re thinking - “Black Friday is nine months away, why should we already be thinking about a campaign for it!?” Well, because Black Friday is a bigger opportunity for your business than you may realise. To better explain this, let us get right into telling you how Black Friday worked for fine-dining Peterborough restaurant, Prevóst. 

So here’s the challenge Prevóst had and which a lot of other restaurants can likely sympathise with: how do you increase your midweek bookings? With weekend reservations in high supply, it was time to look at getting those same numbers through the door earlier in the week. The solution? Black Friday gift vouchers. 

Utilising the Black Friday bandwagon, clever social media campaigns, an email database, and just £50 in Facebook advertising credit, Prevost were able to sell £11,950 in vouchers in one weekend. Their average take in voucher sales on a weekend? £200. And all it took was forward thinking and a modest Facebook ad budget. 

The benefits of a promotion like this are endless. Not only are you making a huge profit on it, but it also helps with upfront cash flow, helps you reach a new audience, and helps get people talking about your restaurant. That kind of marketing doesn’t just die down after the promotion has finished either, because all of those people on the receiving end of a voucher will be coming to your restaurant soon, and guess what? They’ll be talking about it. They’ll be telling friends and family. They might even leave you a glowing review. And that’s how your brand awareness begins to take on a natural growth.

If it sounds too good to be true - it isn’t. It simply requires advanced preparation, which is why we’re telling you to start thinking about Black Friday now and not in eight month’s time. The key to this 5000% increase in voucher sales was the email database. Prevóst ensured they were building up their database month by month, so that when the time came for a huge offer like this, they already had an audience ready and waiting. 

But how? Well, there’s a few ways. Even if you’re starting completely from scratch it’s important that you’re collecting emails from people who will actually be interested in your offers, which is why we recommend getting them from customers who dine in your restaurant. One of the ways you can do this is through a loyalty scheme or a members program (sign up with your email and we’ll send you a 10% voucher every month!) You can also collect emails through online bookings and orders. You can have staff help with different incentives (i.e. have you staff inform the customers that anyone who signs up to the email database today gets free prosecco!). 

Other ways we suggest getting emails is through social media and competitions. Ever run a Facebook competition for your business? Giving away a meal for two could see a huge spike in your page likes and engagement. It’s also a great opportunity to find people who are interested in dining with you. Why not message everyone who entered your competition but didn’t win? Let them know you’re sorry they didn’t win this time, but that you’d like to email them a 20% voucher for the next time they dine with you. It’s a win-win.

It’s taking opportunities. It’s being creative and clever with how you go about building your database - and then it’s about having the right offer at the end of it. 

So, if you’re not already thinking about Black Friday 2020, we think you need to reconsider.