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9 & 10 NOV 2021


What impact can karaoke have on pub trading?

According to a study of 37 karaoke hosting venues in London, karaoke has a positive impact on sales figures and customer dwell time.

Research carried out by Singa showed that karaoke has a positive influence on sales, attracting people to venues and encouraging them to stay longer.

Number of customers grew on average by 31% during karaoke nights. Slightly over 5% of venue owners responded that the number of customers almost doubled and 5% of responders stated that karaoke has a negative impact to customer numbers.

Moreover, the average customer spend grew by 35% when there was karaoke. A significant remark is that when there is karaoke – people stay longer and hence spend more. According to the results, people were spending more time at the venue partly because of the karaoke queue. They were waiting for all of their friends to have their turn to sing, and enjoying more drinks and food at the same time.

Venues that organised karaoke nights only occasionally, 2-3 times a month, grew their average customer spend even more, by 42%. This means that karaoke works as a revenue driver also in venues that are not full time karaoke bars.

On the research itself, Singa’s CMO comments: “While the positive  impact  of  modern  karaoke  entertainment  on  restaurants  revenues  and  customer  footfall  was evident from all the feedback we got from our almost 300 venues,  the Aalto University research study showed  us  just  how  big  of  an  impact  a  service  like  Singa Pro  can  have.”

The list of UK venues adopting Singa continues to grow. Madhatters in Oxford, Karaoke Hole in London, On the Rocks in Hastings, amongst many others.

Most noticeable has been Bloomsbury Bowling (London & Bristol sites), incorporating five private karaoke rooms all with large TV screens and banquette style seating. 

Erald, Entertainment Manager at Bloomsbury comments "Having had Singa for approximately two months now we’ve found that the system has worked very well for us. The amount of songs and ease of use has made it easy for us to show customers how to use the system and the support team have been great and continually update and improve the software. We have found that the transition to the new system has been simple and that customers have been happy with the overall experience when attending the venue for karaoke.”

Singa’s founder, Atte Hujanen spent 10 years in and around the karaoke industry and the Nordic startup scene and outlines the founding principles of the business “we realised that, while all other content industries had gone through their “Spotify moment” - a radical shift to digital platforms and user centric, modern products - karaoke was still stuck in the 90’s, with no foreseeable change in sight. Something had to be done.”

To that end, Singa currently comes in two versions: For bars, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues, Singa offers a pro-version, best described as a modern, fully digital, commercial turn-key karaoke solution in a single intuitive package.

For consumers, the Helsinki startup offers native iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV & SmartTV apps, which provide easy access to over 65,000 fully licensed karaoke songs and what it describes as an immersive singing experience. 

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