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9 & 10 NOV 2021


5 Reasons to attend Restaurant & Bar Tech Live

Restaurant & Bar Tech Live is now only a week away from bursting into London’s ExCeL and filling the showfloor with exhibitors who are changing the shape of our industry. The show will be an incredible opportunity for the entirety of our visitor cohort, with loads to learn, masses to see and plenty to experience. If you've not got your ticket already, make sure you click the link above!

Meet New Business partners Face to Face

Restaurant & Bar Tech Live gives you a unique opportunity - to meet your prospective business partners and expand your network face to face. While social media is fantastic in growing a world spanning network, the networking areas at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live give you the invaluable option of growing a more personal business network of people you can meet, and people whose views you know align with your own.

Experience the Latest Technology

We have created Restaurant & Bar Tech Live to show you the best and brightest new innovations the hospitality industry has to offer. From new payment systems, to AI based bar technology and incredible new drinks machines. There is no other show that lets you see the same range of industry leading innovation all under one roof. Find out how these technologies are changing the way we are running our businesses, and see how they can make your life easier.

Stay Ahead of The Game

Research is incredibly important. If you sit still and learn little to nothing about where the industry is going, you’ll be forever doomed to playing catch up with your competitors. Restaurant & Bar Tech Live will allow you to research the latest the industry has to offer, and crucially, gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Join The Biggest Discussions In The Industry

Restaurant & Bar Tech Live’s panel debates allow you to take an active role in some of the industry's biggest issues. Join the experts as they discuss topics on stage, handing the mic over to the audience to ask questions, or continue the discussion. Have your questions answered by the best minds in the sector, and learn more than you could ever just by browsing google.

Hear the Best speakers in the field

The Keynote theatres and speaking halls at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live host some of the brightest minds sharing some of their wisdom and knowledge on topics that they know a lot about. Not sure about a particular topic, and want to learn more? Find out who’s talking about it, when they’re talking about it and go to learn the secrets of the industry.

Restaurant & Bar Tech Live is Europe's Leading Event for the technologies changing the way that we are running our businesses. Two days of the best tech the industry has to offer, along with the leading minds of the sector talking about pertinent issues and how we can overcome hurdles making their way over the crest of 2020. If you want to be prepared for what looks like one of the hardest years we’ve had for a long time, you’ll need to head to London’s ExCeL on the 19th and 20th of November. Grab your free tickets by clicking the balloon at the top of the page - time is running out!

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