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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Digital Display Takeover

Marketing is a tricky beast, and taming it can be an extremely difficult task for even the most seasoned veteran. Thankfully, however, there are always innovators changing the game and creating solutions to ever-evolving problems. Visual marketing is perhaps one of the greatest tools available to any marketer - being able to present a product or an idea in front of the maximum number of people possible is indispensable. But current techniques are certainly starting to show their age, with shops still relying on posters and paper pamphlets. In response to the ever aging nature of visual advertising and customer trends that are changing faster than ever, businesses are looking for a more modern and effective way to advertise and market their products and services.

Digital signage looks to be the innovation that changes the advertising landscape forever, allowing businesses to invest in changing adverts and even specialised geo-location software. Set to be worth $23 billion by 2023, Its been making waves in large-scale roadside billboards, is becoming a more common sight in city centres and at motorway service stations, and is now making its way into restaurants with smaller screens. These are fantastic for restaurants and bars looking to freshen up their counter side menus and their window advertisements. Some systems even send offers straight to customers mobile devices - the future is, indeed, digital.

But how is digital signage going to change the way that you run your advertisements and marketing, and what problems does it solve?

Out of Date Ads

We’ve all seen it. An out-of-date pukka pies ad in the local fish and chip shop window, or an ancient coca-cola cardboard cut-out from 1986 next to the bar in the local pub. Even when used as friendly vintage decoration they look out of place, but even more so when they represent the contents of a menu. If a customer sees an out of date display, they’re unlikely to consider what the menu has on offer. However, imagine an advert in your window that you can program to change with new products as you introduce them to your shelves. Digital displays will allow you to have an eye catching ad in your window that not only moves, but will never get out of date - it can be changed at the press of a button, and make sure that your windows are in 2020, not 1986! But don’t take our word for it, there are stats to back it up - 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because digital signage in the window caught their eye.

Easily Change Your Menus and Special Boards

Menus are something that can quickly become rather large quickly. Space on menu boards can be at a premium, and being able to remove an item temporarily when stock has run out for the day can be extremely helpful. For some, a simple chalkboard would be enough, but for businesses that want a feature to draw customers in, a digital menu could be the next thing to put behind the bar. Specials can be changed day by day quickly and easily, and menu items that are low in stock can be removed to avoid disappointed customers. Digital Displays will make menus slicker, more modern and far more efficient. It’s something your customers want as well - 25% of customers would like to see an extended range of products displayed in-store.

Limited Time Offers

Handing out pamphlets for offers is a tried and true method of giving offers and discounts to customers - but it’s starting to show it’s age in the era of mobile devices. An increasing number of customers are using their smartphones and apps to get offers discounts when eating out. What if you could build your own loyalty using these apps? There are innovators creating systems built into digital signage tech that will use geolocation technology to find out when a customer with your app enters an area, and sends them a notification about an offer, or a location of where to find your local branch. Interact with customers with a messaging system, and encourage brand loyalty through timed offers exclusive to customers signed up to the app. Brand loyalty is extremely important, and this addition to digital display technology will make finding and retaining a dedicated customer base far easier.

One of the best things for small businesses in regards to digital signage is the relatively low start-up and investment cost, while the dividends that come from having even one display in store are potent. You can save money by not having to constantly change paper ads over in your windows, and find that printing costs are reduced when you no longer have to print hundreds of flyers for customers to take home, when you can send them a digital version when they are nearby.

Digital displays are set to take the industry by storm after early adopters have seen some incredible results. Every day we move closer to the neon soaked vision of the future that many of us have dreamt of, while the implementation of these technologies is proving to be more than we could have ever even considered. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities that digital signage could provide for you, make sure you’ve registered to attend Restaurant & Bar Tech Live. You’ll find the best selection of digital signage innovators and creators the industry has to offer, answering any questions you might have, and showing you how it can benefit you!

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