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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Get Your Business Ready For Halloween!

It’s coming to the end of October, and you know what that means? It means it’s Halloween, and all the spooky ghouls, goblins and ghosts are crawling out of the woodwork to celebrate the eeriest of festivities! As such, bars are increasingly becoming more involved with Halloween and decorating, but often just going for the easy option - going out and buying a plastic skeleton or two, maybe some fake spiderwebs, and calling it a day. That’s what most businesses are going to do; but it’s the establishments that do something a little different to stand out that will draw in the living dead on all hallows eve! At Restaurant & Bar Tech Live, we love Halloween, so we’ve created a list of ways to make your business stand out this Halloween!

Choose a theme!

Most people will, in all likelihood, simply buy some decorations from the local pound store, and string them up across the bar in an effort to ‘get into the Halloween spirit’. Choose a theme however and take your customers on a spooktacular journey! Maybe an ancient Egyptian pyramid, a rusting sci-fi spaceship, or an abandoned hospital! Something that will engage customers and revellers with the season! Remember, customers are more likely to go to a place that seems really cool. They’ll want to take pictures for Instagram - make your venue go viral with a truly unique theme! Another Great way of bringing in more customers, don’t underestimate the power of a curious customer with an Instagram account!

Dress your staff!

Get everyone involved! No jeans and t-shirts today; you’ve got your theme, let’s dress appropriately! Have your staff take on new personas for the evening - Grumbling mummies, snooty vampires, shuffling zombies. Again, the age Instagram is your friend; a customer could take pictures with the staff, and share on social media. Give your customers a Halloween experience to remember, and more importantly, share with their friends!

Get a seasonal menu!

Draw people in with a menu that’s different to the other establishments on the high street! Cohere to the theme, making sure that you serve food and drinks that are as tasty to look at as they are to consume - encourage social media tagging, and you've got free marketing. Make sure that people know what you're doing, and let your customers give you free advertising!

Create an Event!

So you’ve sorted out your Halloween themed bar, your staff are dressed to kill, and your menu reflects the ghastly and the spooky in equal measure. Why not create an event, and really dip into the Halloween spirit! An escape from a scary graveyard, or a Party with the dead? An event will not only get your customers involved and bring in new visitors, it’ll transform your bar into another world!

Halloween is fun for everyone, and for bars and their staff, it shouldn’t be any different! Get your bar Halloween ready, and watch as the denizens of the night crawl through your door this all-hallows eve. Just be ready for things to go bump in the night, and watch out for ghastly ghouls and grim ghosts; it’s sure to be a thriller!

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