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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Wifi Engagement Company

iConnect Media Wi-fi solution can show venues how to generate revenue from your existing Wi-fi infrastructure.

With a global audience of 3.7 billion mobile users and over 70% of all digital spend being allocated to mobile phone marketing the importance of Wi-fi is now more important than ever.

Technology now enables venues to engage with customers whilst in the venue itself and communicate offers and information in a familiar and enjoyable format. 

However, brands need to fight for the right to share information with consumers at the critical opportunity and to make sure the right offer is in their hand.

Real time advertising to a mobile phone through Wi-fi provides a quality experience that moves away from the ‘spray and pray’ marketing techniques where it’s just a numbers game. Targeted, content driven campaigns that can be measured in a moment that can also be revised in minutes should a particular message or offer fail to engage.

Over 52% of wi-fi registrants abandon the Wi-fi login due to the poor and intrusive process. Consumers are extremely well educated in what happens to their data. GDPR has done a fantastic job of informing the consumer that they have control of what happens to personal information. Social media and data breaches have also bolstered the sentiment that ‘what are you going to give me for the right to my personal and private information?’.

Rule number 1. Make the right offer at the right time and in the right place.

By marketing to consumers at timelines after they have left the venue will dramatically reduce the ability to ‘talk’ to prospective customers with either information, blogs, promotions and ‘buy now’ opportunities.

iCM are able to merge existing and new technologies and create bespoke routes to consumer engagement. Integrating Chatbots with Wi-Fi solutions create a fantastic real-time conversation that fulfils the existing requirement for data capture and provides an exciting yet simple way to gain the right intelligence - from the consumer themselves.

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