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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Tanda is a workforce management software that eliminates paperwork with products like the
selfie time clock, intelligent rostering, automatic award calculator, attendance-to-payroll
integration, Shift Swapping, and more. Serving small to large businesses of shiftwork
industries, Tanda is changing the quality of work around the world -- one shift at a time.

To create more fulfilling jobs by making employment easier and more productive.

A world where productive and meaningful employment is available to everyone.

Product Vision
The right people, working at the right time, paid the right amount. As simple as it sounds,
managing large workforces is a cross-functional minefield of operational complexity and
ever-changing regulation. Our vision is a product that would enable establishments of all sizes
to empower productive workforces, so they can grow their business and create more jobs.
We want to build the best platform in the world that can gear every business, regardless of
size, for Workforce Success.Workforce Success` philosophy is simple:employees who perform
better equate to a better organisation. When everyone in your workforce reaches their full
potential, then so does your business.

Tel: 03335772373

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