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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Quorso improves your business performance, effortlessly.
Surface insights, take action, measure impact and scale success...all in a single tool.

Every business in the world is focused on improving performance. And as data gets richer and more accessible, and BI tools more powerful, the insights fuelling this process are piling up.

But embedding these smart insights seamlessly into your operational management process and getting the right person to act on each of them in a measurable way, is universally challenging.

Quorso harnesses all your data, then streamlines and amplifies the way you act on it, by consolidating the entire performance improvement process in a single tool.

First it merges disparate data sources and runs a fine-grained variance analysis on every line item in the business in order to surface improvement opportunities.

Then Quorso priorities and assigns each opportunity to the person directly responsible for acting on it, and helps them determine and document the action they will take through collaborative, turnkey SMART plans.

As actions are taken, Quorso tracks and measures the impact, calculating the exact performance improvement associated with each plan.

Finally, as effective actions are identified over time, Quorso learns what works and scales up success through the creation of a company playbook.

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