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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Ordery is a table service ordering app designed to streamline restaurant and bar services by allowing customers to order and pay from their table using any smart device. We help our clients maximize their earning potentials by giving customers the ability to place orders without needing to leave the comfort of their table.

Ordery is software that will take your business to the next level. Customers have informed food & drink businesses time & again over the years about one of the most frustrating aspects of dining out; the wait. Patience really isn`t a virtue when it comes to waiting to be served & an increased waiting period can be responsible for a decline in sales &/or less than favourable reviews online.

We created Ordery to assist businesses with their sales targets & also to improve their customer satisfaction levels; two key components, we believe, in a successful & long lasting business. The solution we put together helps to totally streamline the ordering process, giving your customers the freedom to view your restaurant or bar`s menu digitally, place the order for their desired food & drink & then pay for the order, all from the comfort of their table, without the need to take up the time of a member of the waiting staff.

By dissolving the need for human interaction through the order process your customers are encouraged to indulge themselves more so than

they otherwise might, with none of the increased pressure of a queue forming behind them.

Eating & drinking isn`t the main reason why people attend restaurants & bars, a significant factor is the socialising that goes on within those four walls. By removing the need for a member, or several, of the party to leave the table to place an order, you`re encouraging more socialising & subsequently the group remaining in your establishment for a prolonged period, & potentially placing more orders through the app.

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