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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


iConnect Media Limited

We always endeavour to be dynamic, technologically `savvy`, thoughtful, exciting, pleasant and timely. We would like you to be a customer forever - so it`s up to us to work hard for you.

If we do, then we think you will stay. You will matter to us. We are staying here to look after you. You can call us whenever you want. We will answer the phone every day and all night. We will help to answer all your questions.

With our vast portfolio of products and services, we can be your port of call.

A little information on iConnect Media

For many of us, one of our daily activities involves signing in to a Wi-Fi service, given that the majority of us are active on our smart phones or tablets, documenting our leisure time on social media, this might also involve accessing Wi-Fi in the restaurant, bar, club, hotel and most certainly airport and shopping malls. The typical log in process includes giving up a personal email address or letting everyone know where you are through Facebook check in, or you have to ask for a password, which can be frustrating. What if there was a way to sign in that is actually an enjoyable and informative, content - led experience? One that doesn`t require a password and is less time consuming?

Tel: +44 (0) 333 222 0033

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