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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



Freachly is the leading digital marketing platform for local merchants in Europe. Business owners are given the opportunity to showcase their business to potential customers via different digital services: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Account Management, Photographers Network and Freachly360 (content distribution tool).
Through Freachly, businesses achieve higher recognition on social media and rating platforms and therefore reach new customers, increase retention and the loyalty of existing clients.

Currently, 1000+ local businesses in Austria, Germany, Israel, and the UK rely on Freachly to generate agency-like marketing content and distribute it to their target group via social-media and rating platforms.

Freachly`s client base includes Wild Rice, Swingers, Rococo, Grand, Sanderson London, Buddha-Bar. Freachly is headquartered in Berlin and has operating offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, and London.

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