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15 & 16 JUNE 2021



CSL are market leaders in providing secure connectivity solutions to the Fire, Security and Telecare Sectors globally.

Our Managed Roaming SIMs and Routers offer immediate secure 4G connectivity, or can be used to provide a back-up to existing wired broadband as a failover solution. Suitable for multiple applications within the Restaurant and Bar industry, these solutions can support core functions that are reliant on network connectivity such as Chip & Pin Machines, Stock Management, CCTV cameras, Shopper/Staff Analytics, Digital Signage and many more.

Reliable and secure network connectivity is an essential part of any Restaurant and Bar, with loss of connectivity having a major impact on sales. The long-term effect of system crashes and outages often results in long customer waiting times for service, causing dissatisfaction and damage to reputation and the potential for repeat business. CSL Routers and SIMs have the ability to roam to 4G on all major networks, offering even greater resilience to any existing or new broadband to ensure your business is always connected. Furthermore, both products are managed by the secure Gemini Global Platform, ensuring that data is not only instant but cyber secure and GDPR-ready. Visit us on stand G143 at Restaurant & Bar Tech Live to discover more.

Discover more about why the CSL Router has been ideal where the challenges and cost implications of wired broadband are not an option:

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