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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


CPI | Crane Payment Innovations

CPI is pleased to introduce Paypod - a new cashier assistant technology for the UK market. Following a European road show and launch in summer 2018, Paypod is now focused on enhancing the cash handling process for retailers in the UK.

Paypod saves business owners as much as £ 5,000 annually by automating cash transactions - including validating notes and coins, rejecting frauds and issuing change to customers. Integration with point-of-sale systems means reliable accounting and accurate till reconciliation, saving retailers time preparing deposits.

Ideal for all retail outlets, including cafes, bakeries, pharmacies, convenience stores and newsagents, Paypod offers a flexible option for increasing efficiency at the point of sale and during cash reconciliation. Available in two designs, Paypod allows users to install with little alteration to their existing store environment, and connects with preferred point-of-sale systems.

`The integration of technology has enabled many efficiencies in the modern retail environment,` said Jan-Hinrik Bauwe, President of Crane Payment Innovations. `Designed to work alongside retail staff, Paypod can handle all aspects of the cash transaction, leaving more time for associates to focus on customers while ensuring accuracy and accountability throughout the payment process.`

Paypod is available in the United Kingdom, as well as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. To see exactly how much money Paypod can save your business, please visit

Tel: 0161 955 0161

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