Edin Basic


Edin Basic studied Civil Engineering. Moving to the UK in 1992 he worked as a Head Chef before carrying out a variety of management roles with Prima Pasta, Dome and Caffe Uno. Edin was responsible for the opening and development of new Caffe Uno units before becoming an Area Manager, responsible for 8 units with annual sales of £5.5 million.

Edin then moved to Starbucks as a District Manager, with responsibility for the City of London before leaving to pursue Firezza.

Firezza is the market leader in London's gourmet pizza delivery market. Currently the company has 17 sites. The latest branch opened In Stratford East Village.

Firezza’s purpose is to serve beautifully prepared, restaurant quality food to discerning professionals through an unsurpassed delivery/take-out/eat-in experience. Firezza offers pizza for the modern day, health conscious lifestyle using quality ingredients.

Firezza is an enterprising company, always seeking to improve on what we deliver and find better ways of doing business.

In February 2016, Firezza sold to Pizza Express. Becoming a part of the Pizza Express family has been a very exciting time for the company, enabling the business to progress while remaining true to our independent roots, values and customers. Making great pizzas and serving our customers, while having lots of fun, will always be part of Firezza’s DNA.

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From start-up to multi-million pound buyout

Edin Basic will be sharing the story behind Firezza’s meteoric rise to success, chronicling how the business has gone on to firmly establish itself as the market leader in London’s gourmet pizza delivery market from its humble start-up beginnings.