Lucian Cramba


I was always an optimistic person who wants to create great things and bring a change in this word. The ideea of FastOrder App came a few years ago, when I owned a bar in Alba Iulia (Romania), and I saw there was no efficient way to serve a bunch of people during rush hours. So, with FastOrder App I’m hoping to make a change in this industry and help people really enjoy their free time in a restaurant.

What motivated you to design the Fast Order App and what experience do you want customers to have?

The trust for my product, which I want to see in other people’s eyes too. We, and by we – I mean my awesome team members, have created an easy and user friendly application, in the idea of having a new ordering experience in a restaurant.

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Lucian, tell us a few things about yourself, what are you working on and what drives you in life?