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19 & 20 NOV 2019


A Robot Chef in CaliBurger? What the Flip?!

CaliBurger has got itself a new line cook! After partnering up with Miso Robotics, the restaurant will now have an AI-enabled chef named Flippy joining their human workforce in their Pasadena location.

The chain would like to introduce the robot into 50 of their restaurants. In September 2017, Miso’s CEO Dave Zito took centre stage at Disrupt SF Flippy and was showcasing it’s skills at the Pasadena restaurant. But now, the technology is officially being introduced into their restaurant for the foreseeable future!

The integration of this high-tech robot will definitely grab a lot of attention from the public and press. But one ongoing issue this robot could potentially fix is the high turnover of staff.

“Flippy is novel, but definitely not a novelty,” Dave said, “as it’s skillset and speed improves, CaliBurger will see a huge increase in their kitchen’s productivity.

“Whilst Flippy’s salary is $60,000 which we know is a considerably higher wage than what you would give to a human chef - plus the 20% recurring annual fee for the robot’s maintenance - we still believe that CaliBurger will still see a return on investment. This will be through decreased wait time, food waste and an increase in product consistency.”

Levy are also jumping on the robotic bandwagon, as they have also revealed their plans to integrate the robot into their startup’s $10 million Series B. They plan to have their own Flippy in an undisclosed venue by the end of this year. So watch out, it might be in a venue near you!