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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Burger King owner assigns tech czar to boost business

Burger King owner Restaurant Brands International Inc is creating a new C-suite role solely focused on technology, in a bid to keep up with their fast-food rivals, as they look to embrace mobile ordering and other digital services. 

The company has announced that Josh Kobza, the chain’s former chief financial officer, will become chief technology and development officer. Kobza, 31, will also be in charge of both Tim Hortons and Popeyes Louisana Kitchen’s digital strategies. 

The chain’s commitment to enhancing its operations is demonstrative of its strong desire to keep up with it’s fiercest rivals, with the likes of Starbucks Corp and Domino’s Pizza Inc both using mobile ordering apps to drive sales, enabling customers to pay digitally. 

Currently, in comparison to its closest competitors, the fast food giant’s still lagging slightly behind on the tech front, as, while the company does have an app, customers aren’t yet able to pay through it and they’ve only just started trialling digital-ordering kiosks in the US. This is in stark contrast to McDonald’s Corp, who are already successfully leveraging digital technology to improve their operations, having implemented digital kiosks to great effect.