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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Pizza Hut devises self-driving delivery trucks

Toyota is teaming up with Pizza Hut to form a self-driving delivery van. The concept vehicle called e-Palette, could host a mobile store, act as a ride-sharing service or deliver packages. 

Currently, the e-Palette is only a concept vehicle but Tokyo’s president Akio Toyoda has said the company plans to pilot the technology at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and trial it in the U.S and other countries by the early 2020s. 

Once completed, the vehicle will be electric and fully self-serving. With a low floor and open interior space, it will be able to serve a number of different purposes. The length of the e-Palette will range from 13 to 23 feet, making it big enough to hold small stores. According to Toyota, the vehicle can be completely configured in under 24 hours and it’s expected to come in three sizes.

In order to realise its vision of the future, Toyota is willing to invest $1 billion in the self-driving technology needed to operate the e-Palette. According to estimated that the autonomous vehicle industry will be worth $7 trillion by 2050.