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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Why local marketing is the key to maximising sales and beating competitors

Succeeding in such a fiercely competitive environment is becoming increasingly difficult. Limited marketing budgets & channels, high staff turnover and risky operational overheads are some of the challenges that threaten to stifle the sector’s vibrancy.

That’s why we built nez, a local marketing channel with zero risk and no operational overhead for partners. The idea in its simplest form is to improve blackboards and physical labour, which have a very narrow reach and to outperform social media, which talks to a wide untargeted audience. 

Local marketing was traditionally an opportunity to write your daily special on a blackboard and stick it outside your venue, or to hire a temporary staffing assistant to wear a branded t-shirt and hand out samples or leaflets, proving that you were a quality brand. This process is hard to measure, unscalable, very difficult to keep dynamic and is not cost efficient.

Following the arrival of social media and the internet, local marketing changed dramatically. The rise of millennials saw F&Bs hire food stylists and photographers, expensive web designers and create a strong online presence across key channels, including Twitter and Instagram. The idea was that the hospitality sector could become successful using attractive looking images of food, a strong caption and 10 hashtags. Getting 300 likes on an image of your food/drink is fantastic from a brand and advocacy perspective, but it won’t drive consistent and frequent footfall. More recently, brands have begun sponsoring and paying for posts on social media and Google, to drive traffic to their own channels, with an optimistic view of turning these clicks into customers.

That is where nez comes in, bridging the gap between the blackboards and social media. You may be a new bar to an area, you may sit just off the high street, you may have a new breakfast range, you may be too quiet on a Monday lunch, or Thursday after work, or you may just wish to push a particular product at a given time. nez provides a solution to all of these challenges, by creating engaging content that is posted on an app and viewed by thousands of hungry local office workers, who sit within a short walk of you and spend their working week on your doorstep. 

nez broadcasts content and helps you communicate with a highly relevant, local, audience and drive them right to your door - partners only pay a commission when a customer walks into their store. We send you customers, just like ordinary walk-ins and we automatically do all the work for you using our proprietary Beacons. Bluetooth beacons are a little white box which we install in your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe or Pub and are able to automatically validate footfall given their fantastic use case in close proximity location marketing.

We’ve recently worked with a premium self-serve vegan restaurant who wanted to fill their restaurant over lunch and maximise their exposure in Fitzrovia with the local audience of office workers, despite having nearly 20k followers on Instagram. We host an exclusive offer which we in turn broadcasted to our local community. On any given day, we now send them over 100 customers generating incremental revenue of £600+, which only costs them £40 in commission, meaning they see a return-on-investment of over 350%! They’re also able to benefit from our platform’s complimentary brand awareness which gets them over 2,000 impressions a day for no cost. Using Google adwords or Facebook ads would cost over £295 just for digital impressions with no guarantee of physical traffic. Lastly, we were able to increase their audience size by 45% (55,000 prospective customers), as the offer gave customers an incentive to walk from further away.

To find out more on how nez can start sending you more customers, help you network locally and provide a solution that requires no extra work from you, please check out there’s also a quick video on how nez works!

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