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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Why it’s important for modern restaurants to use an online reservation system

In the spotlight: Shoryu Ramen

Successfully using Bookatable by Michelin’s Professional Electronic Reservation Book

Shoryu is a Japanese eatery serving seamless fusing time-honoured recipes with a contemporary flair. Shoryu has 7 London branches located in Soho, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, Liverpool Street, Regent Street and Stratford with a newly launched restaurant in Manchester, the first outside of London.


Shoryu were having difficulties capturing data. With no system in place as some restaurants were bookable by email but there was no instant confirmation or a place that would capture all reservations. The staff were reliant on each other to manage the reservations effectively to make sure all the diners details were taken down via pen and paper. They also found that it was difficult to market to customers. They could not communicate to diners about special menus and campaigns that they were running across all 7 sites in an effective manner.


The main objective was to have a central reservation across all system that allowed them to manage the tables effectively and collate all the relevant customer data. Shoryu were looking for a system that helped them to make the most of internet demand to get a better customer experience so that diners have a choice of where to book.

They were also looking for a company who would provide a dedicated account manager, who would be contactable directly if they had any questions, rather than enduring a long and time-consuming process of locating someone who could help. They wanted an account manager, who would respond in a timely fashion with a resolution and follow up to see if this has worked. Alongside this, Shoryu were keen to get a system in place that was good value for money, easy to install, easy to use and were staff training was given.


Bookatable by Michelin provided all the Shoryu’s 7 branches with a dedicated account manager, to manage their needs and look at the best way to help with the restaurants’ objectives. All branches were bookable online with live data to see if and when they were fully booked – making it easier for staff to manage.

Emily also introduced them to the marketing tool section in the Bookatable Professional platform, allowing the team to create email campaigns for their database, and showcase new menus, special promotions and seasonal offerings.


Bookatable provided a dedicated account manager that was always available when Sal needed support and for any queries that arose. With the help of the marketing tools and joining seasonal campaigns and festivals, the restaurants saw an increase in promotional bookings.

What’s been your experience working with Bookatable:

''Bookatable by Michelin offers a fantastic online reservation tool for our chain of restaurants with an easy to use back-end system supported by quick and efficient customer service''.

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