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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Make Running Your Business a Breeze

Today's commerce is mobile and engaging, and having a clever multichannel platform can open a great new frontier for your business. From food to fashion, there is a nation of online shoppers willing to purchase your products, and with the little help of technology, your business can become infinitely more successful.  

Your multichannel POS

As a small business, delivering an exemplary buying experience across all channels, ensuring customers can easily find you, stop when it’s convenient.. and most importantly, keep customers coming back. According to the Lloyds Business Digital Index, 58% of small businesses say increased sales is one of the advantages to using digital, while 65% of small businesses are using digital to cut costs and be more efficient.

You can now seamlessly connect your online store and drive the revenue by taking advantage of omnichannel sales. With Nettle's all-in-one POS system, you can freely expand your business, control your online sales and manage multiple stores from a single account. You can even transfer items between the shops and watch as your inventory levels, and sales data get updated in real-time. 

Give your customers the freedom to shop how they like.

Every business needs an amazing business solution. Which is why we gave ours a sleek new look, improved the traceability of every business metric, and built more custom functions like customer tool, multiple orders options, and expanded payment types. 

• Offer your customers choice and convenience.
• Maximise your revenue.
• Accept payments significantly faster.
• Save time on scrapping through the printed customer receipts and sales reports.
• Identify your most loyal customers.
• Keep a clear count of your inventory.

From florists to retails shops, from art galleries to pop-ups, Nettle supports all that you do and cover your back in situations that matter the most. Your sales, reports and inventory counts are now automated, and you don’t have to spend a single moment thinking about it. 

Bringing everything together

Regardless what you decide to market online, we're offering you a platform to sell your items with ease. Nettle lets your customers seamlessly interact with you in-store, online and on their mobile devices. You can also connect as many devices you like to your Nettle POS.

Nettle POS lets your customers seamlessly interact with you in-store, online and on their mobile devices. Nettle supports all your customers' preferred channels:

• In-Store
• Online
• Mobile
• Social

Your customers are your best asset, offer them all the love they deserve! Nettle’s main features are presented in an easy to use interface, and no accounting skills are required to begin using the solution.

It was about time you turned the new leaf! 

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