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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Say Goodbye to LONG Queues at Your Favourite Bars, Guzzl Has Arrived

Do you hate it when you have to spend a good 30 minutes of your Saturday night queueing at the bar to order a few drinks? Well this annoying night-out routine may become a distant memory; and all of you have Newtownards entrepreneur Bryan Greig to thank for this. 

Bryan, a business graduate from Westminster College in Pennsylvania, USA, created “ Guzzl” - a new phone-based ordering service - which was recently launched into the first Belfast establishment, Love and Death. And because the customers and employees responded so well to his invention, Bryan is looking to install this service in other popular bars in 2018. 

I suppose you’re wondering how Guzzl works? This sticker-cum-table stand with a special microchip inside allows customers to order their drinks without having to go anywhere near the bar! All customers have to do is take a picture of  what they want and send their order through their Snapchat account; or if they have an NFC-enabled phone they can simply tap their phone against it. 

“What’s unique about Guzzl is that you don’t need an app or download to use it,” said Bryan. 

“At the core of this ordering service is our revolutionary contactless technology (NFC) and this allows customers to order their drinks without having to move from their table. The drinks menu is sent to the customer’s phone, and then they can simply order what they want and pay by using their bank card details.

“Once ordered, the bar staff are sent the order which they will receive on their tablet device. When they have completed an order, the customer will be sent a notification and they will either have the drinks delivered to them or have to come and collect them at the bar. 

“Whether customers have to collect their drinks or not, they get to skip the long queue and spend their evening relaxing and having a good time. No one enjoys standing at the bar waiting to be served!” 

Bryan admits to having "sleepless nights" trying to fine-tune out the intricate details of the technical 'sticker', before it went on trial in Horatio Todd's bar and restaurant in Ballyhackamore, east Belfast.

His idea for this new ordering service began after he had been on a night-out with some friends at a Belfast beer garden. “The garden was so busy and it was such a cold night. None of us wanted to move away from the heated lamps or risk having our seats taken to order drinks at the bar,” said Bryan.

Bryan also wants Guzzl to expand into the world of food ordering, and his end goal is to work alongside stadiums for major sporting events and concerts.