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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Creating Culinary Concepts

Why do you need a creative culinary concept?

In the past, it was enough to have a proper chef and a nice menu, good service and a pleasant design and a few PR items to be successful. Today, decent food, good service and good design are essentials – but far from being enough. Today, you must stand out higher than gimmicks and trends. You got to have a story, an agenda. 

You need to provide an additional value that serves a strong strategy, making your experience different and clear in each encounter with your customers. Starting with your product, the service, menu, digital appearance, content, branding design – the experience sequence must serve your own special story. And that’s exactly what we do at Cookoo Studio.

Years of experience in the culinary industry with over a hundred full projects, more than 18 years in the leading advertising agencies, made us the best culinary story tellers.

Case studies

The Whiskey Bar Museum

We’d known this customer for years when he told us about his dream of opening a whiskey bar that would be one of the largest in the world. “Sounds good,” we thought. But there was more. This bar would be opened in an outstanding location – a Templar tunnel full of local history and an incredible ambiance. It took 2 years for his dream to come true. We were tasked with finding a name for this ambitious, prestigious project, as well as a visual and creative identity that will express the bar’s upscale, unique, and intelligent character.

Waikiki – Beach food

Take one of the most beautiful spots on the Mediterranean shore, add mouthwatering creative beach food, mix it with a gentle breeze, beautiful girls and surfer boys, sensational cocktails… and what do you get? Hawaii, Israel-style.

Welcome to Waikiki. Even better than the real thing 

Funculo – Fresh pasta bar

“I want it fresh!” he told us. “Fresh?” we said. “Fresh like the food is fresh? Fresh like the brand is something new, different, and bold?” “All of the above!” chef Avi Bitton, one of Israel’s most famous chefs declared. No big deal. Our mission was to create a fresh pasta bar in Los Angeles. As we knew and admired Chef Avi’s culinary style, we knew that this brand’s identity had to perfectly reflect the quality of the food: simple, fresh, and soooo good.

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