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19 & 20 NOV 2019


The “Pizza-Checker”: Domino’s High-Tech Solution for the Perfect Pizza

The quality and flavour of a delivery pizza - as well know - can be inconsistent. However, one of the world’s most recognised pizza chains is going the extra mile to make sure all their customers are happy with the pizzas they order. Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited - Domino's Pizza - has revealed they are installing an AI quality control camera system to ensure every single slice of pizza is as good as the last. 

Domino’s will be using an AI camera system called a “Pizza Checker”, designed by Dragontail Systems. These cameras will be installed in over 2,000 Domino’s locations across seven different countries. They will first be used by their restaurants located in Australia, as these establishments have already agreed to a 12-month global exclusivity agreement with Dragontail. 

Chief Executive of Domino’s, Don Meij, believes that the “Pizza Checker” will raise company standards, strengthen quality control and improve overall customer satisfaction. The camera will be able to flag up any details that are missed by employees. 

This will help reduce the amount of customers complaining or even refusing to pay for their pizza, due to the fact it doesn’t look anything like the picture that tempted them to buy it in the first place! “The quality and consistency of our handmade pizzas will drastically improve, and all of them will be cooked and cut to perfection,” Meij said. 

The “Pizza Checker” has multiple functions; it can distinguish different types of pizza, and can also check if the pizza is at the correct temperature. The camera will be installed just above the cutting board; the perfect location for the AI to properly inspect each product, and these results are sent directly to the store manager. 

Photos of the pizza can be sent to the customer before it has left the store. Customers can receive notifications about the process of their pizza. They will also be informed if their pizza failed the quality control test and their order has to be remade. This new system makes the pizza chain appear more trustworthy and honest, and it also lets customers know if their order will be late. 

This is the first contract major corporate contract Dragontail Systems has accepted. The Israeli-based technology group have expressed their desire to revolutionise the way fast food/quick service restaurants function; they feel the answer is to utilise new AI technologies. 

"Dragontail is the driving force but they’ve had assistance," Meij said. "By partnering up with Google AI software, companies like Dragontail and Domino’s are able to develop products that are cost-effective."

Dragontail have also joined forces Onosys - an U.S online ordering service for restaurant chains. Outback Steakhouse, Penn Station East Coast Subs, and Carrabba's Italian Grill are all major U.S.-based food chains that use Onosys for food ordering services. 

Dragontail's Algo algorithm organises the orders coming in and makes the process simpler  for everyone involved from start to finish: "Our system resembles a super smart manager who is constantly analysing every single order location, driver location, meal status in the kitchen and the pack station,” said a spokesperson for Dragontail.

“The system also manages the order of the items that need to be prepared in the kitchens and can make dispatching recommendations." 

Domino’s lovers across the world will soon discover whether Dragontail Systems' technology improves the taste of their favourite delivery pizza.