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19 & 20 NOV 2019


How can customer feedback make you money?

Because customer feedback is done so badly, most managers don’t understand how it can help them affect the bottom line.

Currently, most restaurants don’t do anything beyond loosely monitoring online reviews and doing a quick “check-back” at the table. Even if you do have other systems in place, I imagine that you don’t get more than 2% of your customers leaving feedback.

Am I right? If so, you’re missing out on a lot of simple revenue-generating information.

Let’s cut straight to the point and establish just a few of the many ways in which customer feedback (i.e. finding out what your customers actually think) can drive revenue:

1) You can optimise the menu both in terms of content and pricing

One of Buzzer Feedback’s clients, a burger restaurant, implemented our tablet feedback device. Immediately, they found that customers wanted a wider selection of beers. As our system is linked to the ePoS device, we found that customers thought that a specific burger option was poor value for money.

Based upon that advice, the manager changed the menu, getting rid of the overpriced option and adding a wider selection of beers. Within 3 days, beer sales had doubled, and we could demonstrate conclusively that customers were generally more satisfied with their overall experience. Three months on, this small change has made a difference of thousands of pounds of extra revenue.

2) You can experiment with atmosphere, table layout and staffing to find the sweet spot

In one of our clients’ restaurants, feedback suggested that the staffing rota needed to be adjusted. On Monday mornings, the indication was that there were too many staff on duty; whilst on Thursday evenings, the opposite was true. This led to a worse NPS and overall score on Thursday evenings and this suggested that visitors on Thursday were less likely to return.

In response, our client swapped a shift so there was one fewer members of staff on Monday mornings and an extra member of staff on Thursday evenings. The overall score did not fall on Monday, and there was no corresponding loss in revenue. On Thursday, the service score, NPS, and the overall score jumped up, suggesting a significant increase in revenue. This change was achieved at no extra cost to the client.

3) You can upsell to customers without detracting from their experience

Another of our clients received multiple comments saying that when their wine was finished, the waiter had simply taken the empty bottle away rather than asking whether they wanted another.

Based upon this, the restaurant re-trained the staff to make sure that they were fully trained in the art of the upsell. As a result, the restaurant saw a 3% increase in revenue in the next month.

4) You can market to customers after the event (assuming you’re collecting some personal information).

Our system collects customer information such as email addresses and correlates them with the customer’s overall score, NPS, and their comments. Most of our clients use this information to send customers “bounce-back” emails which give them a limited-time discount if they return to the restaurant.

These campaigns drive and average of 10 clients a week back to each restaurant, increasing retention, the reach of the restaurant, and habit-forming for each returning guest.

5) Most importantly, you can encourage loyalty and drive new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations

Simply listening to what their guests had to say has led most of our clients’ overall scores, including NPS, to increase — as well as retention. This has undoubtedly had a corresponding effect on revenue. Andreas Constantinides, Ops Director at BRGR.CO said “putting Buzzer Feedback at the centre of our daily and weekly operations discussions has allowed us to make many changes which would not have been made without it. As a result, I can see that customers are enjoying our product more, both on the restaurant floor and on the system itself”.

So if you want to see how we can help you realise your full revenue potential, visit the Buzzer Feedback website [] or come to see us at Restaurant Tech Live, Stand 9146, to start a free trial today.